How Near-Death Experiences Are Changing The World

How Near-Death Experiences Are Changing The World

On January 27th and March 16th of 2012, David Sunfellow gave two talks in Sedona entitled “How Near-Death Experiences Are Changing The World”. The following two-hour, two-part video is a summary of the information that David shared during these presentations. David’s Sedona talks, and the ongoing NDE classes that followed afterwards, were co-sponsored by NewHeavenNewHeaven (NHNE) and The Mustard Seed Venture. To see the footnotes and handouts associated with this presentation, to order DVD copies, and/or to make a tax-deductible donation, go here.



Part 1 discusses the history of near-death experiences, global statistics and trends, and common themes and characteristics. It also features many near-death experiences, including those of Dr. George Ritchie, Er, Sir Francis Beaufort, Black Elk, Mary Jo Rapini, Andy Petro, Ellyn Dye, Colton Burpo, Howard Storm, and Elizabeth Taylor.



Part 2 explores the near-death experiences of Mellen-Thomas Benedict, Nanci Danison, Jim Macartney, Raymond Moody, and Anita Moorjani. It examines the nature of reality, miracles, and spontaneous healings. Discusses how and why the core themes of NDEs come in so many different flavors. Presents some of the NDE aftereffects that Dr. Jeffrey Long identifies in his book, “Evidence of the Afterlife”. Includes a video clip of Raymond Moody describing his new research into “shared death experiences”. And examines two, especially powerful NDE-take-aways that have the potential to change lives. Part 2 also includes a list of websites and resources for people who have had a near-death experience and need help understanding and integrating it. Provides links to social networks where you can gather with others who are interested in this topic. And discusses the four follow-up classes that are connected to this presentation.



“Let me commend you for the excellent job you did on both of the presentations you did. I thoroughly enjoyed them, and you get an A+. Thank you for taking the time to put together such a rich and well done presentation. I feel that I can send people to see it and it thoroughly explains everything.”

— Susan Lindwall via Email

“Thank GOD I just found this video!! It literally just saved my life!!!!! Literally!!!”

— @Lipludful via YouTube

“Hi Sunfellow! I’m a girl in 14 years from Denmark. Next year I’m having my confirmation, and before I wachted these two fantastic videos, I doubted God and Jesus, and I thought that death was the sad end of everything. But know… These videoes changed it all. It sounds so silly, but I belive know. I really do. And I can’t wait to go to church, where I’m having my confirmations-lessons. This was so heartening and inspiring — I’m so greatfull for you to share this with us! Thank you! Great work!!

“I also want to add, that this was really thorough. I’m very impressed by your work with these two videos! I have always being fascinated by NDE, but never really examine it deeper… This was so great! There were so many good and thrilling informations, so many details, everything very constructive — and not boring at all, though the videos were 2 hours long. I really enjoyed this. Again, thank you!”

— @TheCaptainSophie via YouTube

“Very Very well done. I’ve done much reading on NDE’s and watched many videos as I wrote a thesis on the subject. These 2 videos are a wonderful compilation of Moodys, Rings, Longs and others works and pulls it all together into one place. This is one of the best videos on NDE’s I’ve run across and I will keep it in my ‘favs’ to play for some of my friends who are struggling right now. I’ll be visiting your website. Wonderful lessons to be learned from NDE’s. Thanks for uploading.”

— @yooperlooper via YouTube

“David, I’ve watched your first hour. It was excellent. You did a great job!

“David, I finished part 2 a few minutes ago. You’ve really done an amazing, and hugely inspiring, job with this two-part video series!”

— Michael Dowd, author of “Thank God for Evolution“, via Facebook

“Thanks for the love and care you obviously put into your talks and these videos. I’m familiar with many of the NDE stories circulating around, and you piciked some really great ones. I also respect your handling of the religion aspect of things. Just very well done, entirely.”

— @TheseEyesGod via YouTube

“Absolutely astounding! You did an excellent job, David. I watched both parts and found both to be both inspiring an informative. I could easily imagine this to be shown on tv and cable stations.”

— Richard Footitt via Google+

“Very nice work. Thank you for this magnifique video.”

— @jacarandamaxi via YouTube

“David, I watched both parts and they are excellent! Thank you so much! I’d like to share this at my local IANDS support group and also post it on NDESpace… I would like to have 2 DVDs of “How Near-Death Experiences Are Changing The World”. Also, would you mind if I shared these on ACISTE?”

— Sandy B  via NHNE’s NDE Network

“Hi, David. I just finished watching the videos and again, you did a great job. I am with you on your goal of taking what we can learn from NDE’s and incorporating that into our lives and spiritual practice. After experiencing the barrenness of doing my “duty” by going to church once a week, I have reaped so many rewards from opening myself up to the Divine (or however you want to express that) and having a daily spiritual practice…”

— Joan Pustka  via NHNE’s NDE Network

“That was such a good documentary! First I thought it would be a lot on the Christian side, but it has truly been done with great care and openness of mind… wow!”

— LoveAllReality via YouTube