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Welcome To NHNE's NDE Network

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Welcome to NHNE's Near-Death Experience Network. This network has been created for people who are interested in exploring all aspects of near-death experiences (and related phenomena). We are especially interested in identifying the core truths presented by near-death experiences and learning how to apply these core truths in everyday life. 

This network contains the largest curated collection of near-death experience videos in the world. It also provides a home base for over 200 people who report having classic near-death experiences and hundreds more who report other kinds of spiritually transformative experiences. You can find a list of our members and the kind of spiritual experiences they have had posted here. You can find a list of the NDEs featured on this network posted here and here.

Because of the remarkable depth and breadth of our membership, this network is full of life-changing conversations. The best of the best of these conversations are listed here. Current discussions, videos, photos, blogs and other network activities are listed here

While the general public can view most of the information on this network, only people who are VERY interested in the subjects we explore (and know how to play nice with others) are allowed to join and participate. If you would like to become a member of this network, go here.

To learn more about near-death experiences, see What Near-Death Experiences Teach Us and How Near-Death Experiences Are Changing The World. You may also be interested in NHNE's Formula website, which contains some of the best, most current and comprehensive information on NDEs. For fast-breaking news, information, and links to NDE-related books, videos, websites and other resources, check out NHNE's NDE pages on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and NHNE Pulse. NHNE also sponsors the NDE Stories website which showcases some of the most inspiring, informative, and deeply compelling near-death experiences (and related phenomena) ever recorded.

Click "Major NDE Resources" (located in the tab behind the "What Near-Death Experiences Teach Us" video below) for links to additional outstanding NDE resources.

This network is adminstered by NHNE's founder and president, David Sunfellow. NHNE is a 501c3 non-profit located in Sedona, Arizona, USA.

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Based on over four decades of research, this groundbreaking presentation weaves together life-changing insights from many near-death experiencers and researchers, including Dr. Jeffrey Long, Dr. Jan Holden, Amy Call, Ryan Rampton, Anita Moorjani, Rachel E., Mellen-Thomas Benedict, Anne Horn, Dr. Kenneth Ring, Reinee Pasarow, Lorna Byrne, Cami Renfrow, Wesley Ray Wyatt, Amphianda Baskett, Howard Storm, Barbara Harris Whitfield, and Alon Anava. The home page for this presentation, which includes background information and extensive references, is located here.